Zagora – 20th century desert town


An Introduction To Zagora

A modern Berber market town in the Draa Valley. Zagora is dominated by a mountain from which it takes its name and from which you can see the sand dunes beyond. At the top of the mountain are the remains of an Almoravid fortress.

An authentic trading town, there was a well-known sign here stating Tombouctou 52 days. This is referring to the time it was supposed to take to get to Timbuktu, Mali by camel. Zagora has a twice weekly market and fairly relaxed atmosphere although tourists are likely to find themselves hassled.

The town is lined with cafes serving excellent local food and North African atmosphere. Here you will see the local men dressed in the famous blue robes of the desert and within a miles walk you will be in the palm oasis Amazrou. 

Zagora – Desert Outpost