Accommodation in Morocco

The standard and variety of accommodation in Morocco is exceptionally high.  There is a wealth of traditional and unique options, which we will highlight below.

Whilst there is something for every taste and budget, Majestic Morocco Tours focus on small and traditional and we recommend trying a variety as each will show a different side of Morocco.

We have personally visited, slept in and eaten at every option we offer and they have been chosen based on the following criteria.

  • Authenticity
  • Cleanliness
  • High service levels
  • Value for money
  • Friendliness
  • Attention to detail



A large traditional house built around a central courtyard, often converted into a hotel.

Characterized by having an inner, central courtyard. Following the Islamic idea of privacy and inward reflection, the rooms in a riad will have windows facing the opened-ceiling inner courtyard/garden. In fact, the word comes from the Arabic word for garden – ryad.

The walls of the riads are adorned with tadelakt plaster and zellige tiles, sometimes containing Koranic quotes. The ground floor contains the garden area, fountains, plants and relaxing areas. The top floor is usually an open air roof top terrace with views over the city. The floors in between contain the bedrooms, often suites which overlook the garden below.

Situated inside the hectic medinas, you will be amazed how calm and tranquil they are on the inside. Staying in one of these beautifully restored, historic buildings is like staying in a palace and with usually only half a dozen rooms, you will be sure to be treated like royalty.




A Kasbah is the citadel of a North African city.

A Kasbah was a secure fortress used for protection when the main town was under siege. Often located on high ground for better strategic reasons this has the added benefit of providing you with a wonderful view.

A refuge for travellers from a bygone age, many have been skillfully converted into hotels, offering an intimate charm. They exude style and character and provide an authentic Moroccan experience.

Traditionally built from made of mud and straw, they have been invisibly reinforced for modern life. Morocco works hard to preserve its history and culture and the rise of habitable kasbahs is as a result of this passion.

They come in all different sizes and standards but the best are usually found in the High Atlas and on the route known as The Road of a Thousand Kasbahs, in the remote south of Morocco.


Morocco has the largest cave system in North Africa

These days many Nomads have traded their tents for caves. They are not permanent homes and the families move from cave to cave during the course of a year.

Friouato Cave, the largest of its kind in North Africa, descends 272 metres underground. Less than 4km of its (unknown) total length have been explored. The cave boasts some amazing sights, from a towering grotto lit by fragments of light, to a narrow passage leading into huge, shimmering underground caverns.

In certain parts of the country a handful of these surreal formations have been converted into tourist accommodation.

With Majestic Morocco Tours you can experience the silent, cool and unusual experience of sleeping in one of these natural underground chambers in the Cliffside, complete with en-suite facilities and all mod cons.




Standard and Luxury Camping

Our Desert Tours are an amazing experience. Camping in the desert is magical. Peace and tranquillity, clear starlit skies, huge sand dunes and exotic camping facilities.

Typically we leave luggage at a hotel on the dune line which we return to for a shower in the morning and we enter the Sahara by camel, although there are alternatives if you prefer. Majestic Morocco Tours offers a standard and a luxury desert camping option.

At both camps you will enjoy dinner and music around the campfire under the stars and will be very well looked after by a Berber team. The luxury option provides a bit more flexibility and a completely private camp just for your family. The attention to detail is superb and the tents are spacious and sumptuous.  They have private, en-suite bathrooms with hot showers and huge bedrooms complete with wall-to-wall rugs, armchairs, mirrors, lamps, and comfortable beds with quality bed linen.

For more information ask us to email you our Desert Camping Fact Sheet.




Mud built, traditional homes

For the most authentic experience possible why not stay in a simple village house inhabited by Berber families.

Majestic Morocco Tours has a long relationship with a few of these families.  The resident Berber family will be your hosts, supplying your shelter and the evening meal. You can integrate into family life as much or as little as you wish and they will enjoy showing you around their village. You can have your hands painted with henna, cook a meal all together and enjoy the hospitality.

All these houses are traditionally mud built and have a rustic charm, but some have electricity, hot showers and air conditioning installed. Like most Moroccan accommodation, the outside can be deceiving and the inside a treasure trove of authentic furnishing and relaxed comfort.

Ideal choice for a real insight into local life and a chance to spend quality time within the life of a Moroccan family.


In addition to these highlighted options you can also choose to stay in a;
Boutique Hotel Built in a traditional Moroccan style, often conversions of old houses. They are of a different layout to a Riad and are located outside the medina. Usually small, intimate and of an exceptionally high standard.
Gite / Auberge Small, rural and usually very basic accommodation similar to a youth hostel. Facilities are often shared rather than en-suite and there may be a dormitory sleeping option.
Apartment Self-catering, private accommodation. Usually modern and often on a holiday complex.
Villa Self-catering, private accommodation – luxurious detached houses complete with large gardens and swimming pool.
Hotels These are larger hotels with graded facilities. We do not work with any, in particular, as our clients usually opt for one of the more “Moroccan” options. However, if this is your choice we will be happy to assist.