Tafraout – Morocco’s Berber heartland


An Introduction To Tafraout

Unspoilt village of ancient traditions. Tafraout is in a secluded spot approached by a nerve wracking drive during which you will see only shepherds and goats. In this part of the world the goats climb the Argan trees to eat the nuts – a sight most bizarre. An ancient oasis town,

Tafraout is serious mountain climbing territory, thanks to its sleek granite faces of varying levels of difficulty. There are little shops nestled everywhere, selling everything you need for spell making from rock crystals to dried chameleons.

But perhaps the biggest claim to fame is the giant painted rocks. In 1984 a Belgian artist used 18 tons of blue paint to controversially paint the huge rocks and boulders.

Tafraout – secluded serenity.