Sidi Ifni – romantic art deco town


An Introduction To Sidi Ifni

An unusual seaside town in Southwest Morocco. Formerly occupied by Spain it remained in Spanish hands until 1524. The hills of Sidi Ifni contain wonderful fading art deco buildings. This was once a base for slave trade operations, but today its economic base is fishing.

The blue and white buildings are echoed in the robes of the local people. It’s a quiet port town with a very Spanish feel and the campervans have discovered that winters are warm in this part of Morocco. There is a moderately sized expat. community here with a hippy feel.

There is a weekly Sunday market and a regular fish market. This is a place that feels isolated and is often misty and windswept but the locals are friendly and if you’re looking for somewhere different – Sidi Ifni is very different.

Sidi Ifni – unusual and atmospheric