Rabat – modern capital and historic city


An Introduction to Rabat

A long, rich history from the Phoenician, Roman, Almohad and Merenid times.

The modern part of the city is Africa’s most ambitious urban development. Rabat has a distinctive style characteristic of contemporary Morocco and demonstrates an innovative approach to city planning. The influence of the cultural history of Rabat is evident in the architecture.

There is a tangible European feel with a new tram system and redeveloped marina. Carry on up the hill and you move back in time with the remains of the old Roman city and medieval tombs still partially visible.

On the opposite side of town, you will discover impressive Art Deco architecture with wide tree lined avenues and the partially built Hassan Tower of 1196. This is next door to the Mausoleum of King Hassan II and Prince Abdallah, which is guarded by traditionally dressed soldiers.

The souks are a much gentler experience than in Marrakech. In fact, Rabat is a gem of a city and its charm lies in its silence.

Rabat – there is a lot to shout about here, but no-one does.