Marrakech – Land of God


An Introduction To Marrakech

Famous throughout the world for its souks, square and red buildings, Marrakesh nestles at the base of the spectacular Atlas Mountains. This mystical city pulsates with life and manages to be bohemian, cultured, traditional, magical and romantic.


Exotic wares, snake charmers and musicians line the streets as you’re tantalised by the most vibrant array of colours and scents to be found anywhere. Escape the grey skies of home for this rose tinted city where the beauty is in the detail. Choose from a number of beautiful gardens to escape the hustle and bustle for a while.


A year round destination and great starting point for a number of day trips or longer excursions, Marrakech has so much to offer. It’s traditional, modern mix is captivating and entertaining.

Marrakech – intoxicating and chaotic – a people watchers paradise.