Fes – Morocco’s oldest city.


Introduction to Fes

The world’s largest, intact medieval city and home to thousands of traditional craftsmen.

The medina was originally built in the 9th century and consists of a network of narrow, twisting and utterly confusing alleys barely wide enough for a donkey. 100,000 people live inside the medina and many have never been outside of the walls.

Fes was a centre for culture and learning housing the oldest university in the world and it was the demand for book leather that resulted in what is now the oldest leather tannery in the world dating back nine centuries. With a sprig of herbs held to the nose to ward off the sometimes overpowering smell you can stand on the balcony overlooking a site like no other.

The many stone vessels contain a vast range of natural dyes.

The process turns the animal hides into the highest quality leather products you will ever see. Fez is the spiritual centre of Morocco and is somehow suspended in time existing quite happily with or without tourists. There is something very powerful about this fascinating city.

Fes – spiritual and ancient