Camel trekking in the heart of the infamous Sahara Desert.

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The camel trekking experience is something really very special.

These amazing animals are perfectly adapted for moving through the sand dunes. However it has to be said that unless you were born in the desert you will not find the experience the most comfortable. With that firmly in mind Majestic Morocco Tours arranges camel treks which maximise the experience and minimise the time spent on top of the camel.

The sights of the desert are plenty and you will see apricot sand dunes and oases, distant mountain summits, nomadic camps and unforgettably beautiful skies.

From a one day trek (4 hours riding) with transfers to and from Marrakech and lunch in a typical Berber house to an 8 day deep desert camping adventure you will have the opportunity to learn about the traditional home of the nomads and their fascinating way of life. Of course being in the desert to witness the sun rise and fall each night is a powerful experience in itself.

All of our treks are customisable to fit with you and transfers can be from any airport on any day. Part of the trek can be swapped for waking or 4×4’s and our charming cameleers will be with you at all times.

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