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Salam Alaikum – The ethos of our company is to provide a service desirable to today’s tourist. Our customers are internet savvy, enriched with online data and have multiple choices available. Looking for diversity, cultural experiences, easy accessibility, quality accommodation and above all value for money, the trend for your hard earned holiday is increasingly towards rejuvenation through experience.

We created a company to specifically offer tailored Morocco Travel experiences to meet changing attitudes and beliefs. Morocco, as seen with Majestic Morocco Tours offers all that today’s tourist is looking for and more. We speak Berber, Arabic, English and French and have a passion for sharing the culture and history of Morocco.

Majestic Morocco Tours operates with integrity and professionalism. We have visited all the properties and destinations that we feature and are committed to providing an exceptional service for all our clients.

For an authentic and memorable experience, visit Morocco with us. We look forward to meeting you and sharing the Majesty of Morocco with you.

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My grandparents were nomads from the Sahara and my parents settled as farmers in desert town of Zagora where I grew up. Part of big Berber family in the deep South of Morocco, I began to work in the tourist industry in my village when I finished school.  Always I enjoy to see and share my beautiful country and meet new friends from around the world.

Morocco Representative  +212 (0) 667330113

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Our Drivers

All Majestic Morocco Tours’ drivers are multi lingual, speaking English or French as well as Berber and Arabic. They have at least 5 years’ experience as Moroccan tour drivers and excellent local knowledge enabling your tour to be authentic and unique.

Our standard vehicles are 4 x 4’s with air-conditioning and fitted to carry 6 passengers. We can also provide vehicles that can seat 8 to 48 passengers or a self-drive option.


We want to thank all supporters and contributors to this website – your generosity is greatly appreciated. All those involved with Majestic Morocco Tours share a passion and respect for this magical Kingdom, which we believe everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.    


PASSION ABOUT MOROCCO – by Anna Allworthy 

I have recently returned from my Morocco holiday, two fascinating months in a country full of contrasting landscapes, interesting smells, vibrant sights and unusual experiences. In a country of endless possibility, one can wonder through the deep cultural history, trek through the ever changing orange hues of the desert, surf the waves of Essaouira or enjoy the continuous theatre of the souks.

I lost myself in the mystical dunes, haggled hard, indulged in the mayhem of Marrakesh, experienced my first true Moroccan hammam, admired the architectural styles of Casablanca, marvelled at the red-baked mud Kasbahs beneath the foot hills of the High Atlas, embraced by a Berber family who were among some of the most hospitable, welcoming and beautiful people I have ever met.

As a photographer and artist I couldn’t dream of more in a country – it’s a sensory overload. It is a country in which I have become immensely passionate about. I have travelled all over the world, but have never become so drawn to a country that I didn’t want to leave